Benefits Of Car Insurance In USA

  • Legal Fees Covered

    A car insurance protects you from legal fees that you may incur in case of an accident.

  • Coverage Against Theft

    In case your car is stolen, the insurance company provides you with compensation.

  • Personal Accident Cover

    In case of a car accident, the insurance policy covers everything from medicines to hospital bills for you and your family.

  • Protection Against thrid-party Liabilities

    Car Insurance provides protection against third-party liabilities such as damages to other vehicles or injuries of thrid-party involved.

  • Covers repair costs

    All types of car insurance packages cover repair costs incurred in case of accidents, riots, fire or explosions, etc.

  • Helps You Stay Legally Compliant

    Car Insurance protects you from any fines, charges, or punishments imposed by the law in case of any accidents.

Types Of Car Insurance


Comprehensive Car

As the name suggests, comprehensive car insurance provides cover against all possible damages and financial losses. It is the most extensive car insurance policy that obliges the car insurance company to pay for financial liabilities owed to the third-party as well as for the damages sustained by the insured’s own vehicle as a result of a road accident. Comprehensive car insurance is the best type of car insurance in Pakistan as it provides protection from all kinds of accidents including floods, riots, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, natural disasters, etc.


Third-Party Liability
Car Insurance

Under the Motor Vehicle Act 1939,third-party car insurance is a lawful requirement for driving a car in Pakistan. Third-party car insurance basically provides financial cover for physical injury, disability and death of the third party that has resulted from a road accident perpetrated by the insured’s car. This type of car insurance only covers for the damages inflicted on the other driver involved in a road accident.


Collision Car

Collision car insurance is for accidents wherein your car collides with another vehicle or object, or you have an unfortunate single-car rollover accident. It covers the damages sustained by your car and bodily injuries of yourself and your passengers. Cover for damages to your car due to weather conditions and natural disasters are not included in this type of insurance. The least drivers could do is opt for collision car insurance for the safety of themselves, their family and the vehicle.

Top Insurance Companies And Rates in Pakistan.

Car Insurance CompaniesRateTracker Fee
Starting from 1.8%

*Varies by Make and Model

PKR 9000
Starting from 2.0%

*Varies by Make and Model

1.75%PKR 11000
Starting from 1.5%

*Varies by Make and Model

PKR 15000
1.75%PKR 9000
1.75%PKR 11000
1.75%PKR 8800
1.6%PKR 0
1.8%PKR 7000
2.25%PKR 12000
Feature-tag1.7%PKR 7000

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